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DIY Wintry Lightup Wreath

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I'm super duper excited to share this project with you guys! It's been a while since I have been able to craft and decorate for the holidays, given the recent arrival of baby bird. It feels good to be back I tell you… 

As a network blogger for the Home Depot Fall Style Guide, I was asked to create a wreath, and it just so happens wreaths are to be a long lost love of mine (see here). For this project I had something very particuar in mind… Since we won't be putting up outside lights this year, I though a bit of inside lighting would go along way to bring the holiday spirit to the house of TDC. This project was so easy to complete and brought just the right amount of wintry warmth to my home that I think I need a few more now…

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​But first let me share a bit of mine with you before you go skipping away…

I purchased two packages of lit decorative tree picks (there are 3 to a package) in a style I liked, as you see above, and a package of assorted zip ties in browns and greens. 

All three picks per package are connected with electrical wire so they are really a long string of picks rather than individual picks. To arrange them in a circular shape I wrapped the cord around the stems to 'hide' it a tad and keep it out of the way.

Since I needed to wrap the cord anyhow, I figured I might as well use it to help me secure the picks to eachother slightly so it would be easier to secure them later.

I placed each new pick under the pick before it and lined up the top portion of the stem on the previous pick (where the branches end) with the bottom portion of the stem on the next pick (where the branches start) so you wouldn't have any 'blank' spots.

Then I fluffed the branches to hide my cord and connections.

Once I had all three picks from one package wrapped up together it looked like the top image above. Then I simply needed to add in the three picks from the next package! When I opened the second package I worked in the opposite direction so my cords were near eachother when this project was finished. I began by placing the first pick of the second package on the first pick of the first package and worked in the opposite direction until I was finished wrapping the cord.

Then I used the short zip ties in green to secure my picks all the way around and then I was ready to hang her up and enjoy.


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