Penn's 3rd Monthly Photo for January 2013

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It's finally here… the bird's 3 month photos! It's becoming such an exciting thing for me to see the changes and improve my photography skills or cement my lack thereof. Last time, I thought I had really learned a thing or two about how to wrangle that kiddo into an easy posing position, only to find that I really hadn't and that 1 month of growth has made wrangling him that much harder. Boo…

Psst…To take a look back at the first 2 months, click here for the Monthly Photos category page, here for Month 1 in November, and here for Month 2 in December.

And now for the break dance breakdown, since that was what this shoot was like. eek. 

The first picture is once again the most typical sort for this type of photo. Cute, soft, facing the camera (kind of) and a good representation of him. I only wish his outfit were showing a bit better because you guys… he's wearing a baby tuxedo! Could you just die? or eat him up? or die from eating him up? 


This second photo isn't bad, but I much prefer 'him' in the first photo. I just adore that you can see that cutie bowtie in this one! D.I.E.


This 3rd shot is my fave because it shows what was actually happening for 99.9% of this shoot. He could not stop looking at the 2013 garland. I can hardly blame the little dude, the thing is mega sparkly. 

Below is the full collage of my 'fave' photos and a collection with a closer look at him!

Below is the full collage of my 'fave' photos and a collection with a closer look at him!

Oh baby bird is getting big so fast. Why can't it just slow down for the first 5 years…. 

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