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A Match Made in Thrifting Heaven

02.18.13 By //
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This past weekend I began the most marvelous partnership (and love affair) with Denio's Farmer's Market & Swap Meet! I have to tell you it's been years since I have been out there, which is silly because some of my most prized treasures came from there. You can see my favorite trunks here and there are numerous other treasures scattered throughout my home that I have yet to show you. This new adventure was nothing short of spectacular, and my whole family enjoyed the day spent sampling the produce and yummy edible treats, while we wandered the aisles filled with hidden gems. I managed to find myself some goodies that found there way home with me and I can't wait to incorporate them fully into the decor! In fact I have already started!

You can see the fabulous oversized painting above, along with those gorgeous gold nesting tables… love! I will likely change the painting up a bit but it works for the moment, and only cost a few dollars for this crazy big canvas! At the very least I will be framing it out and touching it up! The tables will stay as they are for now since they are chic perfection (you can see a better close up of them below) and the weathered plant life below may or may not stay as it is. It would be fabulous sprayed in a bold or bright color too I think. I spent a total of $11 on all of these items, if you can believe that, and please disregard the sloppy slipcover on that couch….ugh I hate sloppy.

The hubster is already asking when we will make our next trip out, and the boy… well he loves anything with snacks and toys… so he is pretty much sold on Denio's. Of course you know this mama loves to shop so I could go daily and be a happy gal!

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