Builders Showcase: Camerons Chesapeake Bar and Stools

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Using another piece of furniture's gorgeous inlay as a decorative trim, was such a stunning idea! Cameron knocked this beauty out the park and I'm so honored to share it with you all! Thank you Cameron! Xx…Rayan


I changed the table top to square instead of  round that the plan called for.
Added edging and  I increased the size of the stools because of the insert  I change the seat to solid instead of the slats.

Lumber Used 

The Lumber I used was Poplar for the table top and stool seats the insert for the back of stool and edging on table was made of parts from a teak table that was a 30″ x 30″ octagon all hand craved with brass inlay the base was made of 8 panels hinged together  that need a lot of TLC (found from curb side shopping)The rest of the wood was left over from other projects or from curb side shopping. 

Finishing Technique 

The stain was walnut and was from other projects Sanding and staining was done by a friend who is happily enjoying the table and stools.

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