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We spoke not that long ago about the difficulty I'm having in finding window treatments for my Master Bedroom… window treatments that I love, and that aren't ho hum…. The hunt continues and has actually only become more of an issue in the new house since the master now has double the number of windows, eek! Nothing ready-made is quite what I am looking for, and I am at a loss for a fabric painted creation that I might come up with for this particular room's design plan. 

Now luckily the window treatments are only for 'decoration' if you will, since I already have blinds in this space. Which is quite frankly exactly the way I prefer things… I like blinds for controlling light (which I crave) and window treatments to anchor my space, which is definitely why the choice is so important. It's like choosing a sofa for your family room, or perhaps even like choosing a rug. They will set the tone for every other single thing that lives here, and will be very likely one of the first things a person (including me) sees the moment they enter this space…crucial, am I right? You guys I can't screw this up. 

I have decided the solution will be fabric that is hemmed into the proper sizing to outfit my windows. Now I can move onto the 8 million options for fabric that are out there, double eek. Above are a few of my favorite options from Spoonflower and all of those talented artists within that venue! They range from whimsical to retro with a bit of bold graphic pattern in between. 

Perhaps you fine folks have some lovely opinions or are having a similarly tough time make a design decision in your lives? Believe me, I relate. But I'm realy for this saga to end…

Each of the fabric swatches above can be purchased through Spoonflower and can be found on my 'favorites page'. There are so many beauties and a few fun ones as well. 

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