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Crazy for Carriage Doors

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As we settle into our new home a bit more each day, it has me thinking about those particular elements that I find so charming in a house. Unless you build a home to perfectly suit your whims and needs, you are left to settle for another person’s vision, and sometimes that is amazing and sometimes it’s a challenge. I feel so blessed to be in a space that has so many well thought out details, but there is one element specifically that I wish was more common in suburban developments and that is the gorgeous carriage door.

You might find this on occasion, but for the most part this isn’t an area home builders tend to splurge on. But seriously… how glorious would it be if they did! Whether you like a traditional exterior, something frenchy chateau-esque, a craftsman, or some rustic finery, carriage doors can take your curb appeal to the next level. And frankly they are just fab…

The garage is typically a large portion of the exterior and is almost always visible in a tract home, so why not at least spiff that baby up a tad or add some fancy hardware? Can I get a yes please? After all we should mind our manners, no?

Behold the beauty… and should you desire to spiff your own garage doors, consider changing out your builder grade aluminum door for something in a faux wood or with some detailing to add a bit of beauty to an otherwise not so pretty specimen! If you want a bit more inspiration, check out my pinterest board!

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