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Our Little Pre Move Camp Out and a Giveaway!

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UPDATE: We have a WINNER!!! Kimberly Kostiew you will be receiving an email to track you down and get your shipping info! congratulations!!

I have mentioned a couple of times, briefly, that we moved last week! Well it’s a true story and our new home has an abundance of ceramic tile throughout the ground floor. In truth I have a renewed appreciation of hardwood flooring now, because you guys, tile is FREEZING! Yikes…

So when we decided to move, one thing that was crucial in our timing was having the ability to move in over the course of a month. We generally do a move ourselves, and this requires time, unfortunately. With Easter, the SNAP conference (which I am speaking at, weeeee!) and a couple of birthdays, this ‘extended move time’ is even more important than ever. We were lucky enough to arrange for that, but with that comes a lag in furniture placement. Not to worry, there is always a fun solution to the ‘no place to sleep’ problem. Perhaps an Indoor Camp Out? Yes I think so…

When the kind folks over at Mohawk Flooring offered to send me a new SmartStrand rug, I jumped at the chance to cover this cold tile with something plush and fluffy. Even better that it worked to provide the perfect backdrop for our little adventure! Can you imagine camping out on ceramic tile? Not cool… or perhaps, too cool, as it were. For the 5 of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you might remember me mentioning that my ‘littlest dog in the world’ considers rugs to be nothing short of a very large potty pad (lesson learned with potty pad training) so the fact that this rug promises permanent lifetime stain and soil resistance to kids and pets is kind of huge… ya. Otherwise my tendency is simply to avoid rugs, which is sad… so very sad, because I LOVE rugs.


So guess what, one of you fabulous folks will win your own 6’ X 9’ SmartStrand bound carpet rug. Go to the contest page to enter, and be sure to select ‘The Design Confidential’ from the drop down menu so that you can be entered to win this particular contest that I am so excitedly hosting! SmartStrand carpet is rated #1 in consumer satisfaction… Experience it for yourself!

The contest starts Monday, March 18th and ends April 8th, so go enter here now. Please see the registration page for legal rules.

Why yes that is a vintage copy of Lord of The Flies… and why of course that is entirely appropriate reading material for a 5 year old (parenting genius here, folks…). Thankfully he can’t read and has no idea of the actual subject matter of his favorite book. It might make the indoor camp out into something different entirely, and not in a good way? My amazing little monster mash guy lovingly refers to this book as FaceBook, given the large face on the cover of the book, and decidedly checks in several times a day to his ‘FaceBook’, just to see what’s happening in the world. Just love this kid…

All was quiet on the western front with our fun little pretend adventure and so far no spills, stains, or other ephemera to deal with! Be sure to enter the giveaway, I promise you will want this prize!

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Mohawk Flooring for sponsoring today’s discussion and giveaway!

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