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Currently Crushing On: Boucherouite Rugs

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I have always been drawn to a fabulously done boho chic space. I have never been able to reproduce this look in my own home. Mainly for a simple lack of trying or at least because of some sort of brain malfunction which always tends to occur… which just seems ironic. I shop, I see, I love items of a whimsical, irregular, handmade quality…but when I pull the trigger to purchase, I always without doubt choose the item that is new, symmetrical, and more neutral in colorway…

I have no idea why this is, but I can tell you that these Boucherouite Rugs spark a newfound excitement for me in the irregular handmade, textural, multicolored fabulousness that embodies these beautiful Berber creations. I WILL be successful this time around… as soon as I actually purchase one…maybe.

There is no doubt about the current popularity of multi-cultural creations in all their various forms, and I for one am dying to embrace it and bring this vibe into my home once and for all! Or at least until I tire of it in 6 months time. After all I am like a child when it comes to attention span. In other words, I have none…

What do you think? Can you embrace this handmade multi-colored pattern making trend? Are you secretly a bit bohemian and yet constantly living in a modern space?


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Inspiration via Decor8

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