Roundup: 4 Fabulous Hand Lettered Fonts

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Hand lettering is all the rage, and all the cool kids are doing it! My little heart skips a beat when I see a beautiful hand lettered image on someone’s blog or a graphic piece of hand lettered art or stationary. But you guys… even with all of the digital fabulousness in our lives these days (font making apps, graphics programs) it’s hard to reproduce this look by hand! Seriously hard.. I tried.

Luckily, some of the masters of this craft have created digital versions for all of us ‘less than talented’ hand lettering peons! Can I get a yahoo? There are quite literally hundreds of script like fonts available for free, but that is not what this post is about. No… You see those fonts don’t have the modern edginess¬†and seeming irregularity that this fresh take on the style offers.

Yes, you will have to pay to purchase these beauties, but if you are like me, and you feel that pitter patter each time you catch a glimpse, this is a small price to pay to satisfy the graphic design gods and let your inner artist shine through. Did I mention how I LOVE this look? Ya, figures… but seriously, I do!

Jacques & Gilles is one I have purchased so far… and probably my fave of this bunch.

Saissant¬†with it’s edgy and modern lines will likely be my next purchase.

I mean… really? The long connections between letters and words for this bombshell font seriously make me swoon.

Vermandois with it’s frenetic scrachy quality makes me think of a genius at work scribbling amazing ideas quickly onto small pieces of paper… LOVE!

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