Giveaway: $75 Giftcard for Qlineshop Eco Friendly Wood Finishing Oils

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It's no secret that as avid DIY'ers and woodworkers, we need finishing products. I mean, it's only natural, am I right? I'm pretty excited to launch this giveaway for one of you to win a $75 gift card for Eco Friendly Wood Finishing Products, and here is why… First and foremost, the eco friendly aspect is always a crowd pleaser, there is no doubt about it. But it's really the type of finishing products that this company provides that has me excited… Tung and Linseed Oil, and amazing Solo or Combo acts (Uno and Secondo or Brio) of items that are comprised of vegetable oils and natural resins. What this means is that they color, seal, and can even waterproof your wood, without covering the natural grain and to a hardness that provides amazing resistance! If you have kiddos, and you will be working with heavily trafficked pieces, this is likely a fabulous solution for you. I will be giving this stuff a good test run when I build my new kitchen table next month, yahoo.  

Ok enough chatter, feel free to enter the giveaway, simply fill out the registration form here. A winner will be drawn at random from among the entries! 

Prize: $75 Gift Card, open to US Residents (very sorry my lovely global friends).

Giveaway: Winner will be chosen April 22 from amongst the entries! 

Enter: Click here to fill out the entry form! 

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