The Changing of the Faucets

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This post brought to you by Moen, Incorporated. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a bit like the changing of the seasons… out with the old seemingly beautiful shiny polished Moen faucet and in with the new – who even knew it could be so beautiful – Kiran Spot Resist one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet in brushed finish with a no spot no fingerprint promise, Moen faucet! This beauty can be purchased at Lowe's if you want to rid yourself of spots for good! Head over to Moen's FB page and Like them to thank them for making life with children, and people in general, a little bit easier…

So there was absolutely nothing wrong with our previous faucet, nothing at all… but… here's the thing, do you guys have kids, a husband, hands? Ya me too so consider for a minute that it likely means you are constantly wiping something down, because it's gunky and spotty, and you don't even know how irritating that task has become until it's gone and you no longer have to do it. 

When I say there was nothing wrong with my previous faucet, what I mean is that it already had many of the bells and whistles this new faucet has: it was Moen, which of course is fabulous, had a pull out sprayer and could toggle between spray and flow as needed. But it was shiny, and I never knew how much I disliked shiny and all that comes (read…constant spottiness) with that until I had something that wasn't. I can't actually describe to you what the finish is like other than to say it very closely resembles brushed nickel, only it's velvety (yes that's a word, I'm sure of it…)

Now the install wasn't too difficult, once I figured out that part (A) was actually a tool and not a part that needed to be attached to something else (see that gray plastic 'tube like' item in the image above). Yes, true story. I know, duh. There weren't even very many parts, which always makes a project seem fast and easy. But the initial uninstall, if you will, was horrendous. Literally just awful. And honestly the major difficulty was my height. Ugh. You see I am not officially tall enough or I don't have long enough arms to easily sit under the sink and reach the contraption that I needed to unscrew with the wrench that didn't really fit. I recommend a basin wrench to make the removal easier and to help with this problem. I found this out several hours and 4 letter words later. 

I waived the white flag and my hand hubby helped me with this step…the rest was cake, truly. Right up until we had to figure out which way we wanted the hot water to 'go' and had to make a decision on that. Otherwise friends, this was much easier than I expected when I pulled the mess of tubes from the box. It looked scary to me at first and probably would again if I had to do this a second time. At least I know now, how to 'undo' things. 

It was a tad hard for me to tighten the sprayer that pulls down from the faucet onto the tubing it connects to so that the plastic inside wouldn't show. But otherwise the remainder of this install was smooth like butter. I have to remove a bit of build up from the where the previous faceplate sat, since the shape of the new faceplate isn't precisely the same, but seriously that seems like a good idea anyhow, yuck. 

This faucet is beautiful. The end. No joke. 

A big thank you to Moen for challenging me to gain a new skill It wasn't as easy as it might have been if I were 5'7″, but I learned some new variations on those age old 4 letter words and gained a bit of insight on the world of plumbing and hardware! That is something that should stick with me for a while and I am glad of it. 

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