Builders Showcase: First Attempt Table

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Project Image

I used 3 1x3s on the legs because I couldnt find a 2×3. The tabletop is plywood with 1x2s around the edge of the plywood, i then routed the edges of the 1×2's to get a nice edge. I accedentally cut 2 of the runners too short and had to use a 1/8 thick sheet of maple that I had from an inlay project to fill it in, look close you can see it 😛

putting the pieces together, unfortunately I did not get any photos of me putting the top together with the 1x2s Sorry 🙁

Estimated Cost 

$150, Including the Kreg Jig and screws and all supplies related.

Length of Time 

Procrastination. Took about a 2 short days to build all but the top. a month to think about it. and a few hours to put the top on with the 1×2's


I used an Oak Dowel in the legs to attach the 1 1×3 to the other 2 1×3's to make it look like wood. rather than screwing and putting wood filler, knowing that wood filler would stain differently.

Lumber Used 

Red Oak. from Lowes.

Finishing Technique 

Stain, Dark Walnut

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