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Lighting Trendsetter: Nebular and Organic Light Fixtures

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If it's true what they say, and history repeats itself, then the masses (that's us) generally follow when the style pendulum swings from a love of industrial to something more natural and organic. A general adoration of all things vintage and industrial has swept the globe over the last many years, without doubt, and has in fact begun to morph into a new trend toward vintage items with a more organic quality. 

True to historical form, I’ve noticed a lovely reemergence and redesign of nebular organic lighting fixtures lately, and I for one couldn’t be happier about this. As someone who loves a nod to the past, but doesn’t want to sacrifice that modern sensibility I’ve grown to love and need, these beauties are perfectly suited to my taste, with their retro style yet undeniably modern vibe and unquestionably organic feel!

What I find really exciting about the direction this genre of lighting has taken is the immense variety of representations that have manifested within this look. It’s incredible… From modern and minimal to grand and organic with everything in between, lighting designers have utterly outdone themselves!

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