Design Moments: Pictures of A Kitchen Nook

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Project Image

I am excited to share this picture of my kitchen nook with you guys, since it's one of those small design moments that makes me super duper happy. Now I'm not claiming this is beyond or the best design of a space ever, or even that it will stay like this for an extended period of time, but here's the deal…

I feel pretty strongly that every home has an overall style and appearance, but within that, your design style is made up of smaller design moments and many of them are the stuff that design dreams are made of. If you have enough of these amazing design moments within a space, there is a very good chance your overall look will make you just as happy as these individual small spaces do. And that my friends is what good design is all about. To each his (or her) own, when it comes to the specific things you may like, but when the details are paid attention to, overal design goodness always shines through. Leave no stone unturned and don't ignore these small areas of your home, they are just as important in the grand scheme of things… and of course by grand scheme I actually mean design scheme.

I have some amazing fabric en route to fabricate some window treatments for this area that will replace the solid suiting style gray panels. I can't wait to show you once I get that project finished. 

Art: 20×200 (I will post the exact pieces shortly, this site is upgrading)

Chair: Ballard Designs

Side Table: Target

Wooden Pot: Viva Terra

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pillow: Handmade using this tutorial with a Tank Top from Old Navy (I did not use a different fabric for the back, cuz I'm cheap like that…)

Frames: Ikea

Pillow Insert: Ikea

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