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This article is sponsored by Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5, all opinions and holiday shopping addictions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the awesome companies that help keep TDC running full steam ahead. We heart you!

I’ve just spent hours sucked into the black hole of bargain shopping amazingness. True story! And, I’m fairly certain my holiday shopping is done, yahoo.

Here is the basic premise of this uber cool concept… Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy or sell services, whatever they may be starting at $5. No hassle, no bidding, no pain in the neck haggling or back and forthing (totally technical term). With the launch of their brand spankin’ new mobile app, shopping for fab finds just became even easier (I’m in trouble…eek) with over 3 million gigs available. The Fiverr marketplace spans over 196 countries and includes offerings from sellers in over 120 product and service categories. With one of the largest and most diverse online communities, Fiverr mobile’s slick interface and quick sell / buy features allow even the most casual user to interact with ease. Starting today, purchase your first Gig using Fiverr mobile, & you’ll be eligible to receive one free Gig worth $5 from a list of amazing Fiverr Gigs. This offer is valid for first Gigs that are purchased within one hour after the app has been downloaded. The Free Gig will then be available within 2 weeks following your purchase of the first Gig.

If you are a seller of services (maybe you are a crafty folk like we prefer to think of ourselves here at TDC) and you would like to create a market for your wares or skills… well you can sign up to offer said services and build your reputation through positive sales at the $5 mark. Once you have established yourself as a preferred seller, you can crank out more in depth services or items that are a bit more expensive. You will already have a built in clientele of sorts and a reputation for stellar offerings. Done and Done.

BUT… if you are more of a shopper than a Maker, this is a veritable dream come true because all of these amazing folks we just discussed a second ago, are selling their goods and services for a mere $5 while they work to build their reps. The things that are offered in this budget friendly mecca of goods and services range from crocheted baby booties to handmade art and portraiture, toys and gadgets, handmade holiday cards, personalized videos or animation, and even grow your own bonsai kits. Not to mention a whole host of tech related services like graphic design work and coding for your website or blog, voice overs, translations, even hand modeling and funny videos of grandpas wearing Santa hats and playing ukuleles! I mean… could you die? $5… that’s it. No more, no less, just a Fiverr (you see what a did there?).

Below I will show you a few cool finds that I may or may not have purchased for my family and friends (aka myself).

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I kind of adore that little ‘sucker pooch’. Clips on to your phone and then suctions to it for hands free viewing. Totally fabulous. Laser cut business cards are just incredible. I always love an interesting take on an age old business necessity.

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Gorgeous works of art or custom portraits of your kiddos. How amazing are these pieces? You can even have your portrait done in pop art style! Love this idea…

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Did someone say MineCraft? Please tell me I’m not alone here in the parenting world of ‘my kid is totally obsessed with this weird little 80’s looking graphics based game’… Lego soap? Bath time might be a tad more inviting, eh?

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For your chilly pets, the gift of warmth… awe… my doogles could use a sweater right about now with this crazy weather we have had. It snowed here! Go figure. Maybe you want a custom portrait of your favorite pet that is no longer with you. Just a lovely way to memorialize them.

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This year your company can send out a Holiday video of your logo getting into the holiday spirit. Or maybe you procrastinators prefer a festive card come the new year (I can’t ever get them ready in time for Christmas).

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Fabulous gifts for the gardener, gadgeteer (new word I just made up), or wine lover that add a touch of homemade genius and quirk to your gift giving this year.

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Handmade ornaments are the thing that makes your tree feel a bit special around the holidays, and if you aren’t so crafty… let someone who is, do the making for you. A handwoven reindeer or cute snowflake stuffy are perhaps in your near future?

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Paper products and origami are all the rage, aren’t they? I think these mustaches on a stick would be perfect for a party or fun event!

Discolusure: This post was sponsored by Fiverr, all opinions are 100% my own. Fiverr strives to create and build a community of people working collaboratively to buy and sell creative services and business talent on large and small scales. The Fiverr app embraces an economic trend toward a more freelance-based mentality; where individuals have the opportunity to be rewarded for their personal passions, projects, and unique skills, any time, any place.

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