Reader Showcase: Wiskerface Chesapeake Bench

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Reader Showcase: Wiskerface Chesapeake Bench

This Chesapeake Bench was my first large project. The photo is not as good as I would like but I hope to add better ones at a later time.

It took about 2 weeks of and on to do it and is very sturdy. The brass hardware is there for 2 reasons 1) it takes the viewers eyes away from some of the errors and it compensates for were I misplaced a couple Pocket Screws which caused a portion of wood to come apart. As I was near the completion and weather was a factor to get it done (I don’t have room in my house to paint large projects)

Estimated Cost

$50 Canadian in wood not including screws and glue.

Length of Time

2 weeks


Brass Angle brackets x 8 only 1 need but i used 8 for symmetry.

Lumber Used

1 x 3 Framing Lumber

Finishing Technique

Behr House & Fence Wood Stain (Oil-Latex Formula Self Priming)

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