Design Moments: An Unlikely Nightstand in the Master Bedroom

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The Design Confidential Design Moments: An Unlikely Nightstand in the Master Bedroom

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of nightstands for the master, for nearly a year. I knew I wanted something modern and clean but also something that wasn’t so nightstand-ish. I’m utterly bored with the options available right now and simply can’t decide what I might like to build. I think I have analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing a design I like enough to pull out the tools for. Way too much exposure to decor to pull the trigger on anything at all. Ugh. And truthfully I need something that I’m not as likely to fill with crap as I have been with my former nightstands – that are actually technically bombe dressers. Give a gal some space and she will fill it. Don’t you think that is always the case? The bigger the item, the more you fill it with. Since that is precisely the opposite of what I am wanting right now, this new solution, which was free to me I might add, is just perfect. No deep drawers or large single surfaces to pack full of crap. Just clean and simple and definitely pleasing to the eye. Open shelving however, has a need to stay clean and orderly or it will render itself useless since it’s sole purpose is essentially to look pretty. Now let’s see if I can keep myself from filling every inch of the shelves with pretties that collect dust and irritate me. Chaos in my house only attracts more chaos, so this should be interesting to say the least.

Sitting abandoned in an old salon space, these beauties just needed a good rub down and clean up, nothing big. And while they are sturdy, they definitely needed to be secured to the wall so that my 2 monkey children don’t commit Hara Kari on my watch (or lack thereof), you know what I mean? Eek. What do you guys think? Have you been on the hunt for that elusive piece for far too long? It’s tiring isn’t it?

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