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Weekend Agenda: The First

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Now that we are well into January I am excited to start a new series here at TDC called the Weekend Agenda. I can't promise I will be a good girl and actually post this series regularly, but I would sure like to. I figure it's a fun way to share what's on my mind, what is inspiring me at the moment, and what I would love to tackle over the weekend… or at least start and pile in my ever growing projects queue. January is a time to regroup and start fresh in my mind, and is a great time to streamline and prioritize those things that I want to accomplish. Out with the clutter and in with the organization and productivity! While decor and making is always forefront in my thoughts, this month I can't stop obsessing over functionality and good looking storage and organization projects. It's not enough to make it work, it must be pretty and inspiring too. Tall order? Not really, with this gorgeous group of projects and products it seems entirely doable, and I am chomping at the bit to get started.

This accordion lamp sconce is just so fabulous because wouldn't you know I love these, and they are so pricey to buy. The idea of making my own out of parts from IKEA makes me ridiculously happy. A leather wrapped can to store those things that need to remain in reach yet have no where good to live is just lovely. I can't tell you how many cans, bottles, and jars I go through in a given week, so finding a cute way to use them without much effort is exactly what I need! Plus I might actually get around to tackling my hoard of this sort. It's silly really. Do you guys hoard craft supplies and materials too? Or is it just me? Felt bins are also pretty pricey so a DIY version with cool neon trimmings is a great project to get me in the mood to organize! I am swooning over this DIY coat rack made of copper and wood. I mean, it's right on trend and what a great way to deal with the excess coat collecting this winter. I can tell you right now that this super chic office chair would help me with my office time productivity. Don't you think? And again I love that it's simply revamped and and amped up with a chic brass finish, but is essentially from IKEA making it accessible to all of us!

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