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It's taken me nearly 6 months, but I finally framed my print. Isn't it divine?

A few of you might have seen the recent curtain debacle over on Instagram a week or so ago… not to worry, I got that mother figured out and on the mend. A prompt tutorial will follow (ha, in all my fast paced glory) and will cover exactly what you might do when you are too lazy to measure and too cheap to pass up a good deal. Truthfully it wasn't so much that they were a good deal, though they really were a good deal at a mere $8 for the pair, but the fact that I had been struggling to figure out what kind of pattern to go with, given the bold nature of my rug and the rather neutral color of it. You can take a peak at that over here. So, I definitely needed a pattern because solid is boring, but what that was going to be I just couldn't quite figure out. Until I spied these beauts at HomeGoods and fell head over heals in love. I knew they would be perfect instantly, and I may have even broken into a sprint when I laid my eyes upon them… but I can't be sure because everything went black and hazy for a quick minute. You know how it is.

I also just happened upon a perfectly sized gallery frame for my Michelle Armas print, that also just happened to be on clearance for $5. I mean… Can we say that the 'get your rear in gear and get shit done' gods were smiling upon me that day? I think we can. I walked out of the store that day with my cart piled 3 feet high, no joke. I also had a gaggle of men helping me carry the heavy stuff. It was downright comical. I have been making, decorating, rearranging, accessorizing and styling for the last 2 weeks straight for projects around the house, for my HGTV articles (I know!), and a few other exciting things in the works which I will share with you in the very near future! Yahoo!

I also had a very unpleasant thing happen to me recently. Remind me to share it with you guys, I could certainly use the feedback and validation. I am not quite ready to chat about it yet, but it has proven a very interesting learning experience for me… only I'm not entirely sure what the end game of this lesson will be just yet, but regardless it's been unpleasant along the way. I could use a virtual group hug… is that a thing? I think it should be if it isn't.

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