Readers Showcase: Pet Friendly 2×2 Daybed

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Readers Showcase: Pet Friendly 2x2 Daybed

Here are pictures of the day bed/futon we made from your plans. We have two cats and one dog in our townhome so finding furniture they can’t destroy is a challenge. I started looking for a futon, but couldn’t find one of the quality or style I liked. When I can across your plans I knew we had to make this for our living room. My husband built it in one day and I painted it. He made it using studs from Lowes and for the bottom he attached plywood over the slats for more support.

We went to the mattress store and bought a high quality futon mattress with a cover that can be removed and washed. I also keep a fitted sheet on the top for the pets. It looks great, and I can always sand it down and repaint if need be. Another good thing about it is that it can easily be used as a bed when needed.

Thank you for the pet friendly furniture!!!

Readers Showcase: Pet Friendly 2x2 Daybed
Readers Showcase: Pet Friendly 2x2 Daybed
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