Reader Showcase: François DIY Furniture and Bathroom Vanity Inspired by the Kenwood Nightstand

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You will find a few photos of a bathroom vanity which I recently made and for which I was inspired by the Plans for Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Kenwood Nightstand


For this project, I was supplied a rough sketch of the type of vanity that the person wanted (old and rustic look), I immediately turned to The Design Confidential site and the I found that the look of the Kenwood Nightstand was close enough to be used. I used the pocket hole technique for the skeleton and the doors but I made a groove in the stiles and rails for the panels.

Lumber Used

I was supplied a pile of very…very old wood (probably spruce or pine) which was first utilized for the construction of a 200 years old house which was recently partly demolished (last photo!). This explains the nail holes, the marks, etc… That’s it.

Finishing Technique

The person who asked me to build it will apply the stain, the varnish and will install the sink.

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