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All About the Art // A Giveaway in Honor of Moms: TDC + Minted + Every Mother Counts

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I realize that today is supposed to be all about the sources for Blake’s Boho Still Boyish Bedroom reveal, and it is… but it also isn’t. Feel free to browse the full article here, and sign up for your very own Bing Rewards account and get your search on. It’s kind of a no brainer, you know…

So for me, there are a few items that go into any space that truly complete the space and make it special. One of those things happens to be the art. I happen to obsess about art, it is just one of my things, so I put a big focus on the pieces that will ultimately go into a space and try to assemble a collection of both vintage and new, with a smattering of handmade thrown in there while I’m at it.

Back in January when I traveled out to SLC for ALT Summit and a fab event for Cricut (and where I happen to be right this minute, as a matter of fact, for my hands-on class at SNAP! Conference), I was able to hear the amazing gals who have joined forces with the eternally gorgeous Christy Turlington Burns and Every Mother Counts. These powerhouse women include the likes of Heather Armstrong of Dooce, Mariam Naficy of Minted, and Christiane Lemieux Of Dwell Studios and they are bringing some much needed focus to this important cause. We had the pleasure and the heartbreak of viewing her film about the unnecessary obstacles that plague the world surrounding pregnancy, and some of the challenges and intense fears mothers face in many (many) parts of the world. These are present day issues and I think it’s quite easy to lose sight of this with all of the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Since having this eye-opening (and not so dry-eyed) experience at ALT with my sweet friend (no seriously, one of the sweetest people I know and an all time fave of mine), I have stayed in touch with the gals at Every Mother Counts and of course when an opportunity popped up to actually do something, I decided to jump on it and share it with all of you! I appreciate you guys so very much I can’t even put it to words adequately, and these women who need a voice and an advocate for their safety and health appreciate you taking an interest, of that I am sure.

Since one of the women involved in this group is also the founder of Minted, which happens to be one of the sources for a few of the art pieces you see above in Blake’s Boho still Boyish Bedroom, I thought it seemed like a natural fit to let you know that in honor of Mother’s day, 20% of every purchase made using the code DESIGNCONFEMC at checkout, will be donated to this cause. Given the fabulous prints they have, and the amazing prices, and the gorgeous frames, this is a great resource for unique art finds! Truly lovely.

Annnndddd, to make things a bit more exciting… I will be giving away a framed 11×14 print of your choosing! Woot Woot! Free art is perhaps a new favorite thing of mine. One day when I have some free art I will verify this, but I’m thinking it might be a glorious thing, so I am hoping you do too!

One of my favorite things about the prints Minted is that you can create groups of prints to see how they will look together and then of course when other users create these displays you can view them as you browse the art prints on their site. It is lovely when you are looking for a bit of inspiration and some ideas for creating a coordinating group of prints. I actually liked one I stumbled across so much that I ended up purchasing two of the prints that were shown. I fell in love with Deer Flirtation and Horses at Dusk immediately.

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