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Yahoo! This post has been months in coming, and honestly the only reason it has taken so long is because I have been so stupidly busy that I have not had time to write it. Ridiculous. TDC has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years and I am ready to expand and grow in ways I haven't even had the chance to explore or attempt yet because there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do it alone. With 2 littles in the house, forget about anything getting done in a timely manner, and frankly that is how it should be anyhow while they are still little and moderately enjoyable.

But it is time. Time to grow, time to try new things, time to see where my ideas take me and test the waters a bit… so while I'm not going to be entirely rigid in this process, there are a few things I am definitely looking for, and a few things I definitely do not want. Other than that, if you think you bring something interesting to the table and it doesn't happen to be mentioned here, don't be shy and send over your ideas and resume with some examples of your work, anyhow!

// Design / DIY / Blog Assistant with Room to Grow // This might be split into a multi-person position (still working through this idea a bit), but at least one of these will be a local position (and by local I generally mean that you will need to be somewhere within the greater Sacramento metropolitan area, give or take, since I am in the Folsom / El Dorado Hills vicinity) and will take some getting used to for me since I have only ever had people work with me from afar, but this is what I really truly need right now. This will be part time to start, with the potential for more, and will be extremely hands-on, like literally. The perfect candidate for this will be someone with an absolutely fearless creativity and a 'can do' attitude. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of DIY + Design which means we are conceptualizing what is possible and often times we are a testing grounds for new methods and techniques. We use products in ways they aren't typically used and for things they haven't been used for in the past. There aren't always examples to learn by. You will get dirty, you will make a mess, you will fail miserably, and there might even be blood, but it will be amazing and you will never be happier. Sometimes it will even be funny (kind of), like that time I turned my shower blue. You should have a relatively similar aesthetic and a passion (obsession) for design (photography, art, furniture, interiors, graphic design, architecture, whatever). You will need to be organized and a self starter. My schedule is crazy and demanding and you will need to be able to work well under pressure and in the most ridiculous circumstances (this part is tough to explain in actual words). Given the wide range of daily tasks this job entails, this person should be able to learn quickly and be extremely tech savvy. While much of this position is very involved in literal projects, you will also spend time researching and sourcing products, styling completed projects, setting up for photo shoots, planning upcoming editorial calendars, arranging and scheduling sponsored projects, editing, and pioneering some of the larger projects that will roll out the second half of this year and next. You should know your way around social media and be comfortable with more than just basic computer skills (this part is not a joke – if you don't know what WiFi is, we are not a good match). Photoshop, photography and graphic design are a major plus. As a side note… I'm looking for someone who will not only help me get things done around the studio, but who will also help inspire me and be that person I can bounce my crazy ideas off of. Someone who will have crazy ideas also and the crafty fearlessness to dive right in and try these hair brained schemes right along with me. I don't expect you to like every single thing I like, or have precisely the same skills I have, in fact I prefer that you come with your own ideas and skills and have something to teach me as well. I can tell you that even though this position is a bit of a catchall and you will have to be a Jack or Jill of all trades by the time I work you over (not an exaggeration, and you will wear many different hats on most days, just as I do, that ultimately what I envision and hope to find is a person who will grow into more of a partner rather than an assistant and that this is simply a way to find the best match and train for all the various skills required. And by best match I really mean my soul mate – maybe this is a slow version of speed dating.

// Contributors // This is something I am still feeling out just a bit, but there are a few positions I would definitely like to fill, if you have some ideas about a series you might contribute or a skill you have that you think might be valuable, feel free to shoot me an email and let's chat…

  • – Draftsmen / Tech // I am looking to streamline an aspect of this site and make it better, but I need the manpower (or galpower) to do it. If you know your way around Google Sketchup or you are pretty tech savvy and know your way around the workshop and the building process, perhaps this is something you might be interested in helping me pioneer.
  • – Simple DIY // If you are a blogger or a generally crafty person with mad photography skills and a similar aesthetic (or you have someone who is willing to shoot your projects for you) and you would like to grow your brand or just join this fun filled part of the internet world, send over a link to your blog (if you have one), some examples of your work, and a link to your Pinterest board that showcases the kind of things that inspire your projects.
  • – Design Inspiration // If you are a blogger or a designer with a similar aesthetic and you would like to grow your brand, I have quite a few monthly or weekly features I have been dying to write and haven't gotten around to yet. If you think you might be interested, send over a link to your blog or portfolio, and a link to your Pinterest board that most closely defines your style.
  • – Graphic Designer // I have a few things I would love to collaborate with a graphic designer on. This wouldn't be precisely a contributor type of thing, but a true collaboration of sorts. I have some projects I would like to work on and simply don't have the time to work on a whole project of this nature, so this might be a great way to grow your brand and do something fun if you already have the skill set!
  • – Photographers // If you are local and would like to grow your portfolio, I have a constant stream of projects to shoot and this would be a helpful thing to pass on to someone else!
  • – Videographers // If you are local and would like to collaborate on something fun, I have some fabulous ideas to chat about!

// To apply for any of these positions, please send a resume, examples of your work or portfolio (if applicable), a link to your blog (if applicable), a link to the pinterest board that most closely defines your style and links to your social media accounts that aren't private (we need to make sure you aren't a stalker)… // Please do not inquire if you are representing a sponsor and simply wanting to get a link placed into a blog post. This is not even remotely what I am looking for. Thank you… But no thank you! Also, no one actually falls for that I don't think (at least I hope).

// If you would like clarification on the type of aesthetic I would like to see, I will happily send along that info via email if you contact me. Please send all information and applications to by April 21, 2014 for consideration.

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