Readers Showcase: The Babs Blog Provence Beam Dining

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I hope you guys had an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday! Mine was… well…adventurous to say the least. I shall fill you all in shortly, but I wanted to pop in and share this gorgeous showcase with you all! One of my fun adventures this weekend just happened to be a failing hard disk on my new laptop… so very awesome! So I have reverted back to my old laptop, which can’t be unplugged and that’s annoying beyond belief for someone who likes to move as quickly and as sporadically as I do. But one good thing that comes of this is a whole slew of showcase posts I had bookmarked on the old girl that I had forgotten about. Yay for silver linings… and yay for this gals hubby who went out and built her this beauty in a day when she mentioned she might like such a thing. Can I borrow him sometime? I have a few things I haven’t been able to get to myself, and I think one day is a fabulous turnaround time, I like his style! I also really like her photoshop cafe lights, which she jokes about, but seriously are pretty professional looking. In fact I kinda had to look twice because at first glance my brain automatically assumed they were real lights, ha! Xx… Rayan

This is part of our Reader Showcase series I like to call ‘spotted’ where I run across a gorgeous build on the interwebs and decide to share it with you guys, so it’s posted and written by me but under a profile for the gorgeous folks who did the hardwork and punched the clock. That way you don’t think I built it and give me more credit than I deserve… know what I mean? Yahoo. And yes, I have a showcase queue 100 miles long and I will be posting double overtime to get through them all and share all of your amazing talents with everyone! Sorry I’m such a slowpoke! Eek

Do you have a build you might like me to showcase? Awesome! Send me an email or post it to a social media site and be sure to tag me @thedesconf or @thedesignconfidential (depending on which venue you choose) and tag your build with #builtTDCtuff so we can see your stuff. I just might show you off to this amazing group of people who love to see what others are building!

Psst…. the community pages are ready to roll (I think… fingers crossed) so get your poll voting, button clicking fingers ready and feel free to post your project requests! You will need to register for my site to be able to post there, but once you set up a profile, go forth and request a project or post a question if you like!

Now let’s get back to this gorgeous courtyard, shall we? Yes indeed. To read all about their build, follow the link below to check out her blog post!

To Read More About This Build, Visit This Blog Post
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