Reader Showcase: The Pursuit of Handyness Parquetry Dresser

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Real Reader Showcase for The Design Confidential Parquetry Dresser Herringbone Chest

Building with Rayan's plan was so simple.

Since buying 1/4″ Walnut or Teak were out of my budget, I got creative and used Ikea Decking Tiles to create the Herringbone drawer fronts. I made modifications to make the dresser taller and longer. The paint and wood combination was inspired by Rayan's Sketch Up drawing. You can visit my blog for a very thorough tutorial on how I built this dresser.

To Read More About This Build, Visit This Blog Post 
Estimated Cost 

$150 if you use the cheaper Euro Slides.

Length of Time 

2 days to build but a week to finish.


I modified my dresser/chest to 40″w x 34″h x 18″d. This required modifications of every board. I also built my drawer boxes of 1/2″ plywood and secured with pocket holes in the front so that they will be hidden by the drawer fronts.

Lumber Used 

Birch Hardwood Plywood

Solid Acacia

Pine 1×3

Finishing Technique 

Paint and Polyurethane on the carcass and Tung oil on the drawer fronts.

Parquetry Herringbone Chest without drawer fronts.
Parquetry Herringbone Chest Front
Parquetry Herringbone Chest angle

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