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Room Envy // The Jetset Outdoors + 5 Things

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I clearly have dreamy resort spaces on my mind, there can be no doubt at this point. You can see that proof in our last Room Envy installment. This isn’t really a surprise given how much is happening right now in my life, its natural to want to escape or seek vacation like spaces. I want to bring this feeling into my own spaces so very badly right now it’s ridiculous. With a few clever choices it wouldn’t be too difficult to do this, but I could seriously benefit from a pool at the moment…

In that same article, I asked you guys if you would be interested in more up-close and personal articles on me, and life behind the scenes here at the House of TDC, I have to admit I was a tad surprised to find that at least two of you were. Ok maybe three or four. I decided to throw this question out there for a few reasons and one of those happens to be that I find this blog wanting to naturally evolve a bit and grow as I have grown over the years, but I haven’t been sure if doing this would alienate a large portion of my readership. Also I find myself in this strange place where I field emails from you gorgeous people, asking about my life, my kids, how things are going with my postpartum depression and the struggle my husband and I experience trying to balance life as dueling entrepreneurs who both own, operate, and run our own companies and all while balancing life with young kids and absolutely no outside help with childcare. And yes, I completely agree with each and every one of you, its a wonder I get anything done at all. Which is also at least partly to blame for why I work in slow motion around these parts and why I seem to be developing early onset Alzheimer’s. All of this is a lot for a person to think about on a daily basis. In fact it’s a ridiculous amount to think about and worry about, and since I’m a worrier I am surprised I’m not in the loony bin by now.

I guess I figure if a small number of you are taking the time out of your day to send me emails and ask about these things, then perhaps it stands that an even larger number of you are actually interested and so maybe its time to finally take the plunge and let you all in on the crazy that is our life here. Especially lately. Heaven help us all, at this point I am merely hoping to survive the month of June… and then I want to burn it down and erase it from my memory as the month that almost croaked me! Eek.

So here goes…

One // I’m so completely excited that Domino Magazine named this blog as one of the Best DIY Blogs! I am up there with some amazing talent, including two of my favorite gals Mandy and Cassity (seriously heart these girls so much), lots of other folks who you will definitely recognize, and others I am not familiar with yet, but can’t wait to explore. Of course there are so many amazing DIY Blogs out there, and I know as these things go not all of them are recognized each time, but I like to think it goes around in a bit of a cyclical way.

Two // I hired a gal to work alongside me here and she started this last week! It’s such a relief to have an extra set of hands, especially this month. I have worked with people in the past here and there, but this is the first time I have brought someone on who is local and comes to work real office hours in real life and I think both the hubster and I are breathing a collective sigh of relief at what this will mean. I will share more on this later, for now I’m super happy and I’m hoping to lighten my load, increase my output, make the changes and put the ideas into play that have been circling for quite a while now. He is glad to hang up his DIY hat and no longer help with my projects. Not that he ever actually helped much, but man does he dislike all things home improvement and anything that involves doing things in and around the house or yard. We are a complete role reversal there.

Three // My little seester is getting married in a month and I am hosting a bridal shower here at my house for her next weekend. It’s one of the major things on my list of June activities along with her Bachelorette Party the following weekend and I can honestly say that the wedding itself will feel like a bit of a vacation for me since it isn’t something I’m in charge of or hosting. It’s pretty exciting though and I love a good reason to throw a party, but it always seems like when it rains it pours, no? I could use a bit of spacing out with my TDC projects and wedding tasks and there is absolutely no chance of that. Eek.

Four // We are having a hard time with my older boy at the moment. He is 6 going on 16 and while he has always been an independent spirit and a bit high energy, it seems like we have definitely entered a new phase of behavioral stuff that I’m not entirely sure how to deal with. I know some things pass with time, but other things I feel are very important for nipping in the bud, so to speak, and in truth I am completely lost when it comes to finding a way of communicating these life lessons with him at the moment. I am a true believer that every child and person is completely different and unique and why shouldn’t this apply to how they take things in and absorb them. I have been in tune with him for so many years that it shocks me to see this departure from that for us and my personal loss for finding this new way of communicating with him at this new age and level of understanding. I’m pretty sure he turned 6 and lost his damn mind, and with it all sense of reason and rationality so it’s frustrating to be sure. Of course as a parent it’s essentially my one and only job to help him grow and care for him so it’s up to me to find this once again and I have tried so very many things that I’m not even sure what my next move is… gah

Five // I’m thinking about getting back into the design game. Honestly, I’m not sure if there is much time for this outside of projects and collabs for the blog and my personal portfolio. But, its something I enjoy so much, it’s right up there with making things, so naturally I wonder if I should bring it on back a bit. They say do more of what makes you happy, right? Perhaps I should simply expand this portion of my work for the site and it would accomplish the same thing? In fact I’m sure it would, maybe more so than working with clients which is decidedly hard and doesn’t allow me to express myself artistically in the same way. Yes, good idea… so if any of you have a good collaborative project for me, hit me up, I’m obviously in need of doing some design and styling projects for my mental state… but not till July or August please.

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