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Currently Crushing on Classic Geometry + Mastering the Mix

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Curently Crushing on Classic Geometry and Target Room Essentials Favorite Decor and Furniture Items

It’s no secret that I have something of an eclectic style. I love a mix of old and new, both vintage and modern, and I of course I can’t help but interject a bit of handmade wherever possible. I might even go so far as to say I have a slight obsession with the hunt that comes with finding the perfect unique pieces that fit together like beautifully choreographed moves in a dance. Regardless of the style I choose for a space, the one thing I never go without is a bit of classic geometry and a splash of bold black and white.

Adding this type of modern and bold touch helps me create the perfect eclectic mix and rounds out a look by giving the eye a fun place to rest before moving on to the next exciting element.

It’s also no secret that I shop with a real world budget. Nothing makes me happier than finding pieces that not only sync with my design sensibilities but that allow me to maximize my budgetary constraints. I hate to skimp or sacrifice on the pieces I feel I truly need to complete a space in the way I imagine it in my mind. In real life and with real world considerations, my go-to solution for styling a room is Target. Because not everything can be vintage or handmade when you create perfectly dressed space. There must be a mix of new and modern style to create a look that is both cohesive and unique.

My Master Bedroom with Target Room Essentials Decor

Let’s not forget the importance of function. If you haven’t provided the functional staples your inhabitant needs to get through the day and night comfortably, then that cute person will inevitably take the room apart every time life happens. That is a constant battle I don’t care to partake in so I do my best to include a place for everything that is easy to use and helps keep the space looking good all the livelong day. I choose bedding that is easily washable yet bold, storage bins and bags for toys or laundry that make a statement all on their own, and accessories that are both stylish and serve a purpose or sit well out of the way of the actual living area in use.

If I can choose these stylish functional staples to be budget friendly and bold with a bit of classic geometry to liven up the place while grounding it to pull the look together, I’m a happy gal.

NOTE // This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

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