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Sneak Peak // Home Depot Style Challenge + Outdoor Games Edition

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Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

I know I have been a horrible, no good, downright rotten blogger for the past few weeks, but life is kicking me in the pants these days. Aside from my little seesters wedding, which is tomorrow (yahoo), and all of the duties that come with that, I have had some rather major projects going on behind the scenes here at the House of TDC. One of those projects is the Home Depot Style Challenge / Outdoor Games Edition, and while it has to stay under wraps for just a bit longer (these will start to roll out on the 14th) I figured the least I can do is give you guys a sneak peak to get you excited and as my way of saying I heart you… even though I have dropped off the face of the earth for a bit and have been ignoring you. I promise I am still alive and kicking (barely) and hopefully things will even out a bit by next week and we may just get some sort of regular posting schedule going again! Fingers crossed…

I can’t wait to share this full reveal with you guys! It’s soooo good, and there are adorable pictures of my boys, which makes me slap happy to think about! What I am fairly certain I can share with you for now is that we had a gorgeous little family picnic and for once I managed to get my boys to eat fruit without a fight. Penn is much more willing than Blake, but I am fairly certain they will both get scurvy at some point in their lives. Is that still a thing? At least Blake will eat vegetables, I suppose that is something. Somehow putting food in little bowls makes it all the more enticing. Do you guys find this to be the case with your kids? Such a fight… during the super hot summer months here in Northern California, chilled or frozen fruit is a healthy way to have a treat and cool down at the same time. Mama loves to multi-task so of course this is ideal for me!

Materials for Sneak Peak of Home Depot Style Challenge for Outdoor Games

Likewise, this gal loves a good set of DIY supplies. How about these pretties? I won’t let the cat out of the bag on what these gorgeous materials are actually for, but I am a sucker for the amazing aisles of ‘stuff’ at Home Depot that I can imagine as becoming something great. Hopefully you guys share my nerdy love for all things home improvement store related because I know for sure you will share my love for what these babies become. So so good! Promise!

In the meantime, I have quite a few other fun things to share with you and I will be back shortly to do exactly that! Yahoo!

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