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Real Reader Build from The Design Confidential of the Emmerson King size bed with tufed headboard

First off let me just say how much I love the site. The directions are easy to follow and make building great furniture easy. My first project was the Emmerson King size bed.

We looked everywhere for bed that was fabric covered tufed headboard that was affordable. With no luck my husband told me about this site and I thought I would give it a shot.

In Progress Shot of Real Reader Build from The Design Confidential of the Emmerson King size bed with tufed headboard

The bed building part of this project was a breeze. For the most part I built it myself and it was the first time I’ve taken on a project like this. Before this, I’ve never built anything. I did need some help from my husband moving and assembling it.

Estimated Cost

Let’s see if I can remember. The first trip to the hardware store was about $300 but that included the Jig and that was just under $100 so wood $200 ish. Linen fabric $120 and the other misc items to complete the upholstering was another $200. The foam was the biggest cost in the other misc supplies. In the end it was under $650 but compared to the RH bed we were looking to buy we saved about $2500.

Length of Time

The bed part didn’t take long. I would say about 20 hours working at night and some time during the weekend. Keep in mind I was new to a lot of these tools and took my time learning how to use them. The tufting part took a lot longer but work work on a couple here and there until it was completed.


I made a couple modifications…

First was the height of the head board. We extended the height by about 10″. If you think this would make it unstable it won’t. That sucker is super stable and solid.

Second was the height of the legs. We wanted to be able to store items under the bed. I originally extended them to 15″. Not sure what I was thinking — it was way too high to climb up. The final was about 10″ just a couple inches more but really made a difference. We also Routed and stained the legs with a Expresso colored stain.

The last was covering the side boards, foot board and head board with linen fabric.

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