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The Vintage Vulture // My Arc de Triumphe + Latest Finds / Vintage Obsession

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1970 Curved Arc Floor Lamp Tubular coffee Table Vintage Frame and Print Brass Planter and Gold Log Holder for The Vintage Vulture // My Latest Finds + My Vintage Obsession

Oh my dear friends… I wonder if you have any idea how insane I am about vintage pieces? I think not, because this site has not focused on such things in the past and leans more toward the DIY lifestyle. But… you guys have asked on more than one occasion if I will give you behind the scenes snapshots of what goes on here at the House of TDC (it is a level of crazy you may not be prepared for), and have suggested you want to know a bit more about how I get from point A to point B when it comes to styling and design. Ask and you shall receive, sweet peeps… If you are sure this is what you want. We shall see.

So a bit of background info quickly before I show you the amazing things I rounded up this last weekend. I am a complete nut for vintage pieces. Lighting, case-goods, tables, chairs – oh especially chairs and seating – and art, perhaps my most prolific collectible of all. I have a collection of vintage pieces you would not believe, and my vintage buying habit goes back 20 years (sadly not an exaggeration). I started buying vintage pieces when I was still a babe in the woods (is that how the saying goes? not sure) because it was the only economical option for this gal who had a need to decorate her space and money was a rare commodity for me. Flea Markets, thrift stores, antique fairs that was where it all began.

Side View of 1970 Curved Arc Floor Lamp Tubular coffee Table Vintage Frame and Print Brass Planter and Gold Log Holder for The Vintage Vulture // My Latest Finds + My Vintage Obsession

When I went away to design school, I came back armed with a crazy amount of information about the pieces themselves, the era they were made and the history of design as a whole. And then I was obsessed… the end.

But I have a fairly particular philosophy about buying and I wonder if might not be helpful to share? I think I might be dying to talk about it. So I am kind of hoping this is a topic you might be interested in and that you might like to get acquainted with vintage for vintage sake (you won’t find me rehabbing or reviving my pieces in turquoise chalk paint – sorry to disappoint some of you). I want to keep this fun and light, but help you have the confidence to know what to buy and what to pay for it, if you don’t already. Or maybe swap tips on great places to source pieces, I would love to know where you shop! Then we can all go to rehab together at vintage shoppers anonymous (VSA).

But back to the actual task at hand, how amazing is this arc floor lamp. It is my veritable Arc de Triumphe if you must know. I have coveted this exact lamp for quite a while and it is so good! The condition is pristine, just a show stopper and it was a steal compared to what I have seen them listed for in the past. This beauty was $195 asking, but I worked some magic on the seller by purchasing the table as well so I ended up getting it for closer to $160. Might be one of my more expensive purchases as far as vintage furnishings and home decor are concerned but absolutely worth it. The tubular table is the other apple of my eye right now and it was around $100. It is large and in charge and virtually indestructible – which is crucial in this house filled with crazed boys and babes. Honestly my gorgeous Hawaiian gal there is a decent contender for favorite too. I bought her for the frame at around $4, and then she grew on me and now I think I love her. Weird how that happens. The cute brass planter is lightweight and fabulous and I love being able to move it around as I need to. Plus it is shiny and shiny is awesome. The log holder there with the handle, that has become the mobile magazine storage here at the House of TDC because quite frankly I have a crap ton of mags come through this house and they need a place to live! Clutter makes me crazy people so it puts me at ease knowing that everything has a place to live – a forever home if you will.

What have you guys been coveting lately? Where do you look for your vintage obsessions and have you scored anything ridiculously amazing recently? Do tell… Inquiring minds want to know. Let us swap stories, no?

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