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It's Friday I'm In Love // Fall Into Autumn Edition

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Home Decor Roundup of Fall Essentials for It's Friday I'm In Love // Fall Into Autumn Edition

I have been reluctant, to say the least, to even consider the idea of fall as being welcome thing around here. I feel like each time I let go of summer it means a trade-off for the beginning of the hectic holiday season and a new school year and all that comes with that. It will soon mark another year gone by as my boys seem to get older by the second, which makes me sad, since as parents we only get a limited number of years with them anyhow. And, I very much dislike the rain. But… it turns out I dislike severe drought even more, because then I can't afford to use my huge blow up pool to float around in, while I get my sunburn on. Womp Womp.. I told you I was a water baby… it was no lie my friends. The words endless summer sound like a fairy tale that I would love to star in, as long as that doesn't mean 100+ degree temps day in and day out like we have here in the golden hills of Northern California – which happen to be burning to a crisp as we speak, eek!

So I have apparently turned a new leaf and find myself a bit excited for rain and fall weather. I plan to spend as much time as I can soaking in the youth and excitement of my boys, for all of the festivities that happen this time of year. Bring it Mother Nature, this little mama is ready for you… as long as you don't overdo it, mmmkay?

To celebrate or perhaps as a bit of a fall themed rain dance of sorts, I plan to usher in the season by giving my home a bit of a autumn update and I am currently loving on this roundup of items. From fall hued art to soft furry hides, this group of gorgeous decor covers all of my emotional and aesthetic bases for when this cooler weather, and my insane desire to bake, actually take hold! And, since all of these pretties are from Handmade-Artists, I will be supporting small business and my fellow Makers out there – win win – no?

1 // Out of Her Loop VII 2 // Luna B&B Plate 3 // White / Orange Adjustable Light Curtain 4 // Coat Range 5 // Adventure Spoon 6 // Yellow Shibori Tea Towel 7 // Dark Sami Reindeer Hide

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