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Gifted // Under the Tree to Wear for Me

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The Design Confidential Holiday Traditions Gifted // Under the Tree to Wear for Me

Happy New Year my friends! You might have noticed I took a few days off and had a bit of a breather from the blog and all the crazy. It seems to be somewhat crucial for me to check out for bit here and there in order to keep my creativity flowing and maintain that level of insanity that this biz seems to demand. This ain't no job for the weary, that is for sure. Are you all adjusting to the fact that it is 2015? So weird, right? Sounds so futuristic. Can you imagine when it's 2020 or 2025, I mean… those are the dates when the movies tell us that robots rule the world and earth is on the verge of total destruction. Maybe we will actually have hover boards and flying cars for personal transportation by then? Not sure if that seems exciting or terrifying, eek!

I want to hear all about your holiday! What did you find under the tree this year? Tools, tech, clothing? All my faves… We had an amazing Christmas and I am so excited to start this year off with a great many new things and some pretty fabulous projects in the works. But first I thought I would share some of my favorite gifts this year.

// Image above from my Holiday shoot for Domino.com / Designer Traditions

The Design Confidential Holiday Traditions Gifted // Clothing and Accessories Under the Tree to Wear for Me

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If you know me in real life, you know that I am casual 99.9% of the time. With small kids in the house and an active and busy lifestyle, I find myself decked out in yoga pants and pullovers more often than not. I guess I finally got smart and figured this out because it prompted me to get out there and find clothes and accessories that suit my barefoot laid back lifestyle well but also look cute without being fussy or uncomfortable, duh. I have obviously been living in a cloud for the last 10 years but there are some crazy cute things in the active wear department. Guess I'm not alone in my yoga pant wearing mindset. The yoga pants and cape hoodies above are absolutely to die for. That bag is a backpack, cross body bag, or tote and is just so fab – it's unisex by the way and comes in a gray version too. Love it. With a 2 year old, I am just now getting back into wearing earrings. I don't like anything over the top unless I am going out, so pretty much never these days, but a casual everyday pair that won't rip my ear if the babe gives it a yank is a great way to ease back into real people world. This perfume is how I am smelling these days. Is it weird to know how I smell? Maybe.

I'm also a runner, now that you might not know even if you know me in real life. I am over the moon about running and I have started to outfit myself with gear that makes this more of a focus in my life. The trail shoes are amazing and the etip gloves let me fiddle with my phone as I jog along which is good because apparently my ADD carries over from design right into music choices. Naturally a pair of earbuds that won't fall out to listen to the first 20 seconds of each song is kind of great too. I have small ears so the wireless headphones don't work for me but these twist lock and stay in, it's wonderous.

If you are part of the yoga pants club for women (or men… I won't discriminate) and you have some casual faves, I am dying to know!

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