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We are officially back in school around here and I don't know about you but am already mourning the death of summer vacation. When Blake is in school – I might as well be in school because it's a full time job getting him out the door and ready for each new day. While I don't have to sit in class all day, I do have a much busier schedule during the school year and I am finding myself in major need of some personal organization that will help me stay excited about each day… Otherwise you just might find me under the covers hiding from the world and everything I need to do.

This new line of products is giving me some major creative motivation and has my inner office supply hoarder going bananas for the simple beautiful style. Love.

I managed to grab one of these beauties the last time I was at Target… I haven't opened it yet, eek.

I absolutely love the bag I got for Christmas, and this one is a little less sporty but just as versatile with the option to carry it as a tote or a backpack. That is soooo helpful when you have your bag stuffed full and totally heavy.

I want this oh so badly, but that damn thing is way too pricey. I will probably get this one instead and then buy this to get the look for a lot less.

I need this… for so many reasons.

Pretty from beginning to end and filled with utter goodness in between. I never thought I would enjoy a book like this, ever – but it's my current fave!

Coming soon… and so so fabulous!

I have super dry sensitive skin so I adore oil based products for their amazing moisturizing ability and delicate cleanse. Besides doesn't love a little pick me up to their beauty regimen at the start of a new school year?

My fridge is a hot mess right now with all kinds of chaos stuck to the front and sides. These have me dreaming of a stress free and organized space.

If your summer has ended like mine has… you can still get a bit of that beachy look with this.

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