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This is only my 4th project. If I can build this, you can too!

I had blue cut birch plywood for me so I could get it home in my car. I sanded it really well, using several grades of sandpaper, I stained it with kona colored stain and put it together very easily. The only trouble I had was when my daughter and I brought it from the garage into the house because it’s big, awkward and heavy. Thanks to TDC for posting these plans. Get building…you won’t be sorry.

Estimated Cost

$120.00 for screws, wood and stain.

Length of Time

15-20 hours? I’m not sure, I work on stuff when I can…and I’m slow and my garage is very disorganized which slows me down even more.

Lumber Used

birch plywood – 2 sheets

Finishing Technique

kona stain – it’s really dark – love it

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