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DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

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Easy Halloween DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

There is nothing I love more than a project that takes me so far out of my comfort zone that I literally stress for weeks, brainstorming and then scrapping most of my ideas. Probably sounds weird, but that process is often crucial for me to arrive at the magical spot that lives smack in the middle between awesome and simple. When my monthly challenge as a Michaels Maker rolled through with the ask being for us to create a costume, I seriously panicked because as many of you know – I don’t do clothing… I can buy clothing with the best of them, but make or even embellish clothing – not my strong suit.

But I think I found that sweet spot because this costume is super easy to create and is equal parts spooky and adorable. It has the feel of the costumes from long ago without the complicated construction of those intricate paper maché masks. Yahoo for that.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

So let’s get at it. Here is what you will need

MATERIALS // I recommend black clothing with this costume. You can choose either black pants and a shirt or if you want to get precise, a black pants with a formal suit jacket that has longer tails would be appropriate.

Half Craft Pumpkin

Craft Knife

Ribbon or Elastic Band

Copper Wire

Needle Nose Pliers or small jewelry pliers

Face Paint

Spooky Cloth

Horse Stick

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

The half pumpkins come in a few sizes so you can choose the appropriate size for the person this costume is intended for. You are going to start by lightly drawing a face on your half pumpkin, then carefully carve it out using a sharp craft knife.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

Once your face is carved, you will create the strap with ribbon or elastic bands. I used elastic bands since I am making this for smaller kiddos. You will need to create a small hole about the size of a pea using your craft knife. Place it about 1/2 inch in from the sides and up near the top about even with the top of your eyes.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

Cut a 5 inch piece of copper wire and fold it into a figure 8. It helps if you start at what will be the middle and create a small loop, then the opposite loop and continue wrapping into a figure 8 shape until you have about 1/2 inch remaining. With that remaining section, wrap the center and using your needle nose pliers, crimp in the center so that the end is around the backside along with your starting end.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

Pull one end of your elastic band through the hole and slide your copper bow tie through the loop with the sharp edges against the pumpkin.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

If this costume is for a little one, you can probably use one band like you see here. If your kiddo is bigger, use two straps like you see two images up. Create your second strap hole if you haven’t already and a second copper wire bow tie. Pull the other end of your band, or one end of your second band, through you hole. Use something to help you poke it through if need be.

DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

This is what it will look like when you have it finished if you are using one strap for a smaller kiddo. For a double strap, you can simply tie them together for your big kid or adult.

Easy Halloween DIY // Headless Horseman Costume

Super simple and super fast to whip this together. Now finish things off by using a bit of black face paint so it looks hollow inside and drape a bit of spooky cloth over their heads and around their shoulders. This isn’t required of course, but certainly adds to the tattered clothing look. Wear black pants and a black top and grab your horse stick for a wild night of trick or treating. An orange pumpkin basket would be a good accessory for this too!

This project was created in partnership with Michaels as part of my ongoing series of projects as a Michaels Maker! All crazy and opinions are 100% my own.

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