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An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

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The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

This post is brought to you by Pier 1 Imports.A party just isn’t a party without gorgeous décor and special treats for your guests to delight in. This wintry holiday season, I am partnering with Pier 1 to help spread some holiday cheer with inspiration for your next holiday shindig. With just a bit of prep and some stylish accessories, you can transform your party from bleak to chic and perhaps even leave yourself free to enjoy the party right alongside your guests.

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

Lay the foundation!

I like to use my existing home décor as the starting point for holiday décor. This gives me a direction for color and style and lets me build on that to create a beautiful and chic look that feels intentional and complete. I will scatter chic wintry details like faux snow and frosted pine branches throughout my home and then turn my focus toward creating those special entertaining moments that will excite my guests and delight their senses. The chic matte gold bar ware and tool set are absolutely perfect for a self-serve drink station and with their beautiful, subtle finish and amazing quality, these pieces absolutely top my list as a holiday party must-have! Truly. The faux fur table runner sets a stylish wintery scene and secretly catches drips for your rotating mixologists. Daring decorative touches like the metallic party crackers dangling from the glittery ornament tree, create a dual function focal point for your fabulous party station, and help your guests find their way to the fun – which is of course, both in the party crackers themselves and the surrounding setup. A perfect ice breaker, the party crackers help get the party started and set the tone with a wine charm, a joke, and party hat for each to don.

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

Put it all out there and leave no stone unturned!

I try to have everything set out and at arm’s length so I don’t need to play bartender or server throughout the evening. Single-serve and easy-serve food and drink options make it easy to grab, nibble and go. This leaves everyone more time to mingle with new friends and old. The gorgeous striped plates and adorable coasters are so chic you won’t want to toss them out, but naturally they help make the cleanup painless, which is always fabulous. I love to scatter about a set of stylish bowls and plates, filled to the brim with chic edibles. With the visual excitement already happening on the table, I chose to keep these neutral with gorgeous bowls and plates in the most perfect shade of gray. Adding a neutral to my color scheme is a fabulous way to ground the high contrast white, gold and black that are so prominent otherwise and should help entice my party goers to throw caution to the wind for one night of indulgence. These stylish paper products have celebration written all over them and together with the gorgeous bowls and plates in grey are simply the perfect party pairing for enjoying the sweets and nostalgic treats that only come around during the holidays.

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

Mix it up but keep it straight!

A glamorous mix of patterns on your drink ware is not only chic, it will help everyone keep tabs on their drinks throughout the evening. The Luna Double Old-Fashioned glasses, with their glamorous gold starbursts and gorgeous plaid stripes, are so fabulous you will want to work them into your entertaining regime forevermore. While you keep your champagne on ice, a monogrammed stopper is nice! The champagne flutes, each with a different worldly salutation, have an understated elegance that is sure to make your bubbly even more special with a fun reminder to toast to good health and a night well enjoyed. Cin Cin, Cheers and Salud!

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

Put it on ice, a signature cocktail is nice!

Along with champagne and chic treats to eat, no party is complete without a special cocktail creation. I try to choose a concoction I can prep easily beforehand and isn’t too difficult for my guests to recreate later. This is a great way to show off your skills as an entertaining genius and is such a fun addition to the standard beverage selection. Presentation is key, and with stylish and inspired glassware and bar ware, crafting a libation that is clever becomes fun (like my Naughty and Nice Holiday Mules – coming later this week!) and will add to the ambiance and get the conversation flowing like nothing else!

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

When seconds and thirds are in great demand, if you have everything your guests need to craft their own drinks at the ready, they will be mixing and mingling the jingle bell way in no time. The matte gold bar tools and accessories lay the foundation for your self-serve cocktail station and provide both a good looking and sophisticated way to measure, pour, and pop some bottles with glee. Fabulous small square bowls are a chic way to display a cocktail garnish or a mid-evening treat and look amazing surrounded by a sprinkling of snow and a smattering of frosted pine and eucalyptus branches.

The Design Confidentials An Easy Recipe for a Chic Holiday Party

Chic décor, stylish self-servebar ware, and party crackers galore –does indeed a fabulous party make. Add your favorite people and mix, for a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all – but especially by you, since you won’t be stuck behind the bar watching your guests have all the fun! Pier 1 is seriously knocking it out of the park this holiday season with fabulous and festive accessories that will elevate your party, no matter the occasion.

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