GIFTED // Gift Guide for the Homebody

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The Design Confidential's GIFTED // Gift Guide for the Homebody

If you find yourself here now and especially if you visit this little space of mine frequently (thank you – I heart you!), you are very likely a homebody to some extent. Since like seems to attract like, there is a pretty good chance that you hang with other homebodies. If you need a bit of inspo for what to give these awesome folks, I have rounded up a few of my faves from around the interwebs. Each of these items will definitely help elevate their quality of life, inside said homes, where they happen to park their bodies… Ok that went to a scary place for a minute, but I think you get the point. Eek – gorgeous goods, gathered for gifting. Now go forth and daydream about strolling through your own home in a sophisticated set of leather house shoes or french wool slippers, while misting your darling plants with a fancy brass mister. I think this gift guide might just double as my own personal wishlist. Enjoy and if you need me I will be over on the sofa snuggled up under my linen throw blanket and drooling over the pages of Emily’s fabulous book STYLED – it’s so good, btw!

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01 // French Wall-Mounted Soap

02 // Armor Lux Wool Slippers or Leather House Shoes (Alternate Wool + Alternate Leather)

03 // Mini Acrylic Houses

04 // Haws Brass Plant Mister

05 // Handmade Ceramic Carafes

06 // Case Study Ceramic Planter

07 // Divide Marble Server

08 // Oil + Vinegar Cruets

09 // Kinfolk Home

10 // Linen Throw Blanket

11 // Enamelware Dust Pan + Hand Broom (Alternate)

The Design Confidential's GIFTED // Gift Guide for the Homebody
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