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The Design Confidential Gifted // Gift Guide for the Kid at Heart

The mere thought of having more stuff in this house sends me into a minor panic attack. The holidays and the toys that seem to multiply the minute I'm not looking, are usually the cause of the chaos for me. This year I made a concerted effort to pull back on the buying reigns and keep it simple and minimal. A few good pieces that will last, may be a bit more expensive, but the benefit of having less and having to replace fewer things that break and wear out, will far outweigh any cost difference in my book.

Inquiring minds (that would be me…) want to know: How do you keep the crazy at a minimum during the holidays? How do you handle well meaning gift givers that buy in bulk and do you buy for others the way you buy for yourselves? I will tell you that so far it feels insanely gratifying to choose a few good pieces that are functional or special and call it a day.

If you feel the desire to throw in the towel and exchange the mass for the minimum, these are a few pieces that I have purchased, received or would love to buy for someone if slash when they have a brand new babe or a kiddo who isn't a boy. It is all boy, all the time, here at Casa de Turner.

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01. This may or may not be the current bunk bed solution for my boys shared space – reveal coming soon!

02. The most adorable baby booties ever. They may work up to age 3, which is fantastic.

03. This kite is magical and looks amazing as a piece of decor when it isn't in use.

04. A worldly little elephant stuffy. I love it when toys are good looking – it makes for less stress over clean up.

05. A modern dollhouse that isn't insanely expensive and is cool enough to cross the gender barrier easily.

06. This explorer play set has just enough design to inspire hours of play while staying neutral enough to let that play be open ended.

07. This is my kind of chair. At least if I was a kid, this would be my kind of chair… since I am short, it could actually work as my chair, which is a bonus.

08. These oversized coloring pages that double as wall prints, are fabulous and would have been my dream come true as a kid. I brought back a couple of these from Europe, for the boys. Since the subject matter is also geographical, I guess they might learn something while they color as well.

09. I love this enormous polar bear night light. The coolest.

10. A camel stuffy? Yes please. It checks all the right boxes on the cuteness scale.

11. This street vendor cart is perfect for your budding entrepreneur and would make for hours of fun setting up shop to sell all of their holiday gifts right back to you. This is something my boys love to do…

12. This plush canoe is pretty pricey for a giant pillow, but on the bright side it is precisely that and would easily double as a place to lounge and read.

13. Ostheimer – need I say more? The most wonderful collectible wooden toys. They can be spendy, so you have to shop around for decent prices – but the fun your kids will have with non-traditional blocks and other scenery will make it all worth while. Plus you won't need to buy so many other toys.

14. Softy books and crinkle books are the absolute best for young babes – oh how they adore them. This smiling animal book is even more adorable than most.

15. A plush campfire and smore's set? Yep, adore.

16. I would like to spend more time unplugged and reading with my boys. Beautifully illustrated and well written books are the perfect thing. 1 / 2 / 3

17. Nice well made toys that also require your kids to get up and off those devices – and bowling is a great activity regardless of age. Anyone can roll a ball so the little ones won't be left out.

18. A gorgeous 'mingo', need I say more.

19. The inevitable train set for a boy doesn't have to be so basic.

20. The llama is such a noble creature filled so it only makes sense that this Hansa Llama would be an equally noble gift.

21. Beautiful and simple toddler sized quilts are few and far between, this lovely little thing is such a marvelous shade of indigo that it would be perfect for any child.

22. I wish they had something so chic as this Stories journal, for keeping track of all the lovely milestones, when my boys were still babes.

23. Bring a bit of the past into the present, and give your kiddos a gift of the classics – now with a cool updated look.

24. I love a good throw pillow as much as the next designer out there, so a pillow that doubles as an adorable work of art, is just the thing for growing kiddos young and older alike.

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