Gifted // Gift Guide for the Masculine Design Loving Minimalist

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The Design Confidential Gifted // Gift Guide for the Masculine Design Loving Minimalist

It may be late in the game to order gifts and have them arrive on time for the holiday without paying up the ass for shipping… but it is never too late to have a serious case of the ‘I wants’ and feel the need to share some of the glorious things I have stumbled upon from around the web. I am only human after all and I completely admit to getting a serious case of this ‘need, want, love’ condition every single time I browse the interwebs to shop for other folks. What can I say… I am a design and decor addict. Click here to see past Gift Guides.

This may be a roundup of so called masculine pieces, but let me tell you I am all over these beauties…

01. I don’t drink whiskey, but I would be smitten with this whiskey decanter gift set if someone were to gift them to me.

02. There is something so fantastic and in your face about this limited edition Michael Caine print.

03. Cool planters are always fantastic.

04. I adore statement pieces like these ghost trees. I will probably never own something like them because – children, but I can dream about them.

05. A towel I would be excited to hang on a towel bar and actually use as well.

06. I started wearing an apron this year, because the crazy mess that is holiday decorating became overwhelming. But let me tell you, there is something so satisfying about having a place on your person for your tools and the bits and bobs that you need on repeat. This apron is glorious and I would rock this baby any day of the week

07. This paper bowl sculpture is amaze and would be equally as functional as it would be beautiful.

08. The most glorious minimal abstract door mat that I wouldn’t put outside my door – ever. But perhaps just inside would be even better because you would get to enjoy it every time you step through the door.

09. If you like to listen to music or movies on the go, then you should definitely do it in style with these headphones – to be sure.

10. This leather mouse pad brings a bit of that worldly aesthetic to your home office and might just make you want to work a little bit harder. maybe.

11. Yes is all I have to say about this chair. It hits all the right spots and checks all the boxes.

12. A soap that cleanses without being anti-bacterial in the most common form, sign me up. Plus it looks good, don’t you think?

13. This reindeer hide rug is the unique designer version of a sheepskin rug and seems like it would be softy and gorgeous to laze around on.

14. This dinnerware would certainly elevate the everyday meal – and maybe even help you work up an appetite to make something fabulous? Eh, probably not, but let’s not rule it out completely just yet.

15. This quilted bedding is divine and would look good messy or made.

16. I will never likely afford this hook in any substantial multiple, but duh, I love it.

17. This channel quilted leather pillow is perfection with it’s retro luxe vibe

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