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The Makings of a Shared Boys Room Makeover

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This makeover has been a long time in the making… Two years in the making, if you want to know the truth. For those of you who wonder how the room makeovers of blogland come together so quickly, the answer is they generally don’t if there isn’t a reason for them to. My reasons for putting this project on the front burners after such a long while, are complex, but in part it has a lot to do with space. For those of you who have small bedroom spaces, you probably know what I mean, when I say that it has taken me two years of trying everything I can think of to avoid the fact that I must leave the idea of matching side-by-side beds behind, and move my boys into a bunk bed. Le Sigh… With the Bird being barely four, and something of a wild animal, this was not a decision I was eager to rush into. But with the holidays at our doorsteps and the impending doom of more stuff, just chomping at the bit to bring clutter and chaos into my home – it was time to bite the bullet and make some sweeping changes.

So I thought it was the perfect time to partner with Modern Masters to help bring my vision to life and give this room a little bit of something spectacular. I let go of one design dream and ushered in a clean and organized version of another that is even better than the original!

There will be a lot of details shared over the next couple of weeks and some super clever sources, but the wall treatment is definitely at the forefront and is without doubt the star of the show. Also this entire sitting area, because, duh – it didn’t exist before and is also something to celebrate!

I wanted to create a pattern on the walls that had a lot of movement, but would ultimately read as neutral and not busy… This is a hard concept to explain, but I know most of you get what I am trying to say! I came up with a cloud pattern that is more extreme at the lower portion of the wall, working up to a lighter pattern near the top. I used the Warm Silver Matte Metallic and used an empty marker pen to draw my clouds into reality. I honestly wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but it worked beautifully and is absolutely fantastic in real life. Just enough shimmer without a full-blown shine… you know, because this is a boys room after all, and while my boys adore shimmer and shine right now, I am not sure how it would age with them. The Matte Metallics are perfect for them and also happened to be kind on me since out here in California, we all have slightly textured walls.

It was tough to let go of my symmetrical dreams and move on to a more vertical arrangement for this room, but ultimately it is the only way I was able to regain wall and floor space. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have a place to sit in here with them, and room for them to play. If I am clever I may even find a way to work in a desk! No guarantees though… this room is teeny tiny. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the space – coming soon –  I promise! And you guys… those curtains – they are the most divine things ever, aside from the wall treatment of course. For all of you who have rough and tumble boys in your lives, you will love them so much, true story!

I will be sharing the full tutorial for creating this wall treatment, later this week and it is so much easier than it appears. In fact I would even go so far as to say it was fun. So, if you would like to create something similar or your own version with a metallic paint, Modern Masters is currently offering a BOGO free deal through the end of the year! Two quarts is more than enough for any pattern you can imagine so be sure to stock up by stopping in to your local retailer and grabbing a quart or two of your faves… Of course you can also buy online through participating retailers and Modern Masters.

Go, buy and then come back here for the full set of instructions… I will see you soon!

A huge thank you to Modern Masters for partnering with me on this project. An even bigger thank you to all of you fine folks who help support the brands that help me bring you fresh new projects and content like this!

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