Weekly Wrap Party for February 19

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Once again I have little to show you in the way of my nearly complete Master Bedroom Makeover… but the steps along the way are a bit slow and tedious so they are going accordingly!

Before I jump right in to the Weekly Wrap Up, I will give you all a couple of hints on the projects to come:

1. There is painting happening

2. Glue is definitely to be found abound

3. Some felt perhaps, and of course wood…. Can you guess? ha

Alright, let’s get down to business shall we?

CELEBRATE: We celebrated the heart shaped holiday here at TDC with 6 fabulous Valentine’s Day Printables!

DIY: We learned how to Install or Replace a Cooktop Range and how to create our own artful neon lighting installation!

PLAN INDEX: We added 3 amazing new projcts to our Plan Index: the Cortona Bed in Queen, The Hamilton Large Kitchen Table (slash island), and a remake of our beloved Printmaker’s Desk!

A very good week eh? I know I normally only post once on sundays but I will be back in just a bit with another Plan Index Post! Yahoo.

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