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Lighting Crush: Semi Flush Ceiling Mount

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I'm excited to announce a new partnership between TDC and Golden Age Usa! Along these lines I will be bringing two fun new columns to this site on a monthly basis as well as contributing to their site, and I hope you enjoy the eye candy and idea bringing as much as I do! Yahoo!

Today we are talking about making your builder grade homes a bit more 'you' by changing out those boob lights… yes you know the ones to which I refer. And yes I said boob. Let's just get that out of the way right up front… 

It's something most people don't really think about doing, but let's just imagine the impact this kind of change can have. Changing out your lighting is actually pretty easy and fairly quick, within the realm of DIY home improvement projects. Heck, even I can do this task with the need of the hubster if I so choose. Easy Peasy and if you don't want to stray too far outside the lines of those boob lights or have an issue with clearance (perhaps in an entry way or near a door), a semi flush mount light is perhaps ideal for you! 

I personally love the idea of giving a small-ish light fixture a ton of personality. And from this day forward you will hear me repeat this constantly, I'm sure… but the fact is there are 3 things that make a room feel complete: Lighting, Curtains, and Art. If you do nothing else beside adding furniture but add lamps or fixtures, hang curtains and throw something up on the wall, your room will feel amazingly complete… promise!! 

I thought I would share some amazing semi flush light fixtures from around the web. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options, but hopefully this grouping will help you see the variety and of course the awesomeness of what can be found! 

To read the first post in this series for wall sconces, click here.

This post brought to you by Golden Age Usa, all opinions are my own, duh…

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