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It’s Friday I’m In Love: Edition 6

09.13.13 By //
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It’s that time again my sweet friends… yes the time to celebrate all that is good in the world of fabulous home decor! That is cause for celebration on it’s own merit, but even more exciting are the items I am crushing on for this week! I am feeling a taste of fall creeping in with my current love of all things camel, copper and black and these pieces are all that and the whole damn bag of chips, am I right?

This painting by Pierre Soulages is not actually available, that I am able to find, but I think this is something you could definitely DIY. If you are a tad fearful of your skills as an artist, this type of work is a great way to cut your teeth and get used to the feel of a brush in your hand! Mistakes will only look that much more abstract… go for it! The pendant light is so fabulous and surprisingly affordable! I was expecting something in the upper triple digits if you know what I mean. Such a statement piece… I love the idea of adding new stylish towels to your bath to give things a quick updated look for this ‘season of change’. What better way to do that with than a little faux croc and camel colored goodness? Oh this little stool, it makes my heart sing I tell you… A perfect little side table to add that extra bit of surface to your space and a whole lot of style! Onyx flatware? Yes please.. You make my nonexistent dinner parties look so totally amazing!

What are you coveting right now? Anything fall related? Or are you still hanging onto summer like I am…

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