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It’s a Handmade Cran Crush Christmas: How to Decorate a Colored Tree Using Nature Inspired Elements + Mixed Metals

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It’s been a tad quiet around the old blog lately, we have had the dreaded flu… And of course that is why this post is coming down the line so late in the game. It’s managed to take the House of TDC to it’s knees my friends, but luckily it hasn’t shut us down completely and at least a few of the 1 million things going on behind the scenes, have actually been done. One of those things happened to be a live TV segment for a local morning show, that was all about Holiday Decorating with Colored Trees. It’s all the rage these days and if you aren’t already on the bandwagon, you are very likely to be, in the next couple of years. Light pink will likely be the front runner this holiday season, but thanks to my friends at Treetopia, I am going to share with you some fabulous holiday trees in some drop dead gorgeous colors! Colored trees that you purchase at discount retailers and only come in shiny hues are a thing of the past. These colored trees are the real deal. They aren’t painted or childlike. They are nothing short of sophisticated and chic and you will love the variety of options available.

Let’s be daring, and let our choice in tree represent who we are as individuals… or match our existing decor. Yes let’s…

This amazing 4′ potted tree in Cranberry Crush is to die for. It’s such a rich and lush color that it really needs no pomp and circumstance. So for this baby I let it’s natural beauty shine through and kept my decor to a minimum. I used a mixture of handmade ornaments, natural elements, and mixed metals. You can’t forget the antler as my tree topper, oh yes I did! For me this tree is love at first site. But I know you are going to love the tree I will show you tomorrow too! I will also be sharing a few of the handmade ornaments as part of our Handmade Holiday Decor and Gifts series, along with the full set of instructions on making your own! They were so easy and fast and I made every single piece you see on this tree in a day or so, working off and on… and mostly off, thanks to baby bird.

I used only 7 different ornaments for this tree and I used only 4 of each ornament per side except for the feathers and the glass rain drops. I quite literally kept it minimal. I cut branches from a tree in my yard to add a bit of that organic quality to this decor and the aside from 2 store bought ornament types and the antler, everything else is handmade.

  • Antler Tree Topper – EBay
  • Branches from My Yard
  • Paper Moravian Stars – tutorial to follow
  • DIY Gold Dipped Feathers
  • Faux Brass Himmeli Geometric Ornaments – tutorial to follow
  • Capiz Shell Ornaments – tutorial to follow
  • Bronze Glittery Icicles – Walmart
  • Glass Rain Drop Ornaments – Crate + Barrel

Disclosure: Treetopia provided the awesome amazing trees for the tv segment and blog series on decorating with colored trees.

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