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The Art of Patrón // Coconut Mint Margarita Recipe

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The Design Confidential and The Art of Patrón Coconut Mint Margarita Recipe

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner and hot weather right on the heels of that, the timing of this fabulous cocktail recipe couldn’t be better, if I do say so myself… which I definitely do, since I had the distinct pleasure of creating and then testing this recipe. And a pleasure it was, since I had reason to celebrate the start of a new partnership between The Design Confidential and Patrón Tequila for the launch of The Art of Patrón, a contest for Makers and Creatives alike.

This contest celebrates the story behind the craft and the making of their bottles. Created with heart by skilled artisans, no two are alike and each has its own individual beauty and character. It is a very special thing indeed when a product produced en masse is still made by hand and not by machine. And so we should celebrate the beauty of this artisanal tequila and the gorgeous bottles that house it and in turn see how you might be inspired to use these bottles to create something unique and handmade of your own. If you craft something amazing from the bottles and help us celebrate the Art of Patron, you just might win $10,000.

I am also excited and honored to tell you that I have the privilege and pleasure of being one of the judges for this contest and I will be creating a project of my own to get in the spirit of things and mark the occasion. I hope you will join me and put some of those DIY skills to good use… maybe win yourself an amazing prize… In the meantime, I thought it only considerate of me to help you put that tequila to good use with this fine specimen of a margarita!

Of course if something that is equal parts fun and simple to make with a playful modern take on an old classic is a bit more your speed, be sure to check out my other tasty Patron recipe the Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail

The Design Confidential and The Art of Patrón Coconut Mint Margarita Recipe



16 oz or 2 cups Coconut Sorbet / Ice Cream (5 of these will also work)

1/2 Cup of Patrón Tequila

1/4 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

4 – 5 Mint Leaves

4 Tablespoons Simple Syrup


2 Tablespoons of Sugar

1 Tablespoon Shredded Coconut or Flakes

1 Mint Leaf


Make the Rimming Sugar /

To do this you will want to add a couple of Tablespoons of shredded coconut to a plastic bag (can also use a paper towel or napkin folded in half). Add a mint leaf and gently rub or muddle the mint leaf and shredded coconut together until the mint infuses the coconut just a bit. This will generally take just a minute or so. Once you can tell there is a hint of mint mixed with the coconut, add your sugar and stir to mix, you can do this right in the bag or you can pour your mixture into a bowl at this point. You simply need to be sure that the bowl is relatively shallow and has a base that is large enough for your glass to sit with the rim sitting slightly down into your rimming sugar mixture and set aside.

Make the Drink /

Add Tequila, Lime and Mint Leaves to your blender and pulse or grate to mix and chop the mint leaves. Keep your juiced limes on hand for rimming later. If you are using a Coconut Ice Cream or the Coconut Helado Paletas, you can add a cup of ice to the blender along with your ice cream. If you are using a Coconut Sorbet, you can most likely skip the ice but this will be a judgement call. Blend thoroughly to mix well.

Put it all Together /

Use a juiced lime remnant to wet the rim of your glass, then turn upside down and set your glass in your rimming sugar mixture until the rim is well coated. Pour your coconut mint margarita into your glass and garnish with a mint leaf or sprig. Enjoy!

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