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Top 10 Most Popular DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans

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Top 20 DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans 1 Through 5

With the outdoor season either well under way in your neck of the woods or very, very soon to be… I thought I would round up just a handful (well ok 10, so a two full hands…) of our most popular DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans. And wouldn’t you know I even had trouble limiting it to 10. It seems you guys are over the moon for many of our outdoor furniture projects, and so am I so this has been a fun trip down DIY Furniture Plan memory lane. This group of projects is presented in no particular order but is determined based on frequency of reader build and popularity of the plans themselves by number of pageviews! It’s all quite scientifical my friends. I will be modifying many of these plans this week and next to allow for less expensive cushion purchasing. I know many of you have requested this, and I have lost your requests in my nightmare of an email inbox, but I haven’t forgotten the general idea and will get on this task right away! Stay tuned for that! I heart you guys… Be sure to click over to the actual plans themselves because many of the reader builds can be seen right on those very plans! So completely mind blowing! I promise! Of course you can always browse our gallery of Reader Showcase Submissions and the entire Plan Index with hundreds and hundreds of Projects to build if you prefer, but what fun we shall with this little collection today!

1 // First on the list (again in no particular order) is the party party, fun fun Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Rustic Outdoor Table – complete with ice cooler trough down the middle for your favorite ice cold beverages! It doesn’t get more fun than that! 2 // How about your favorite Free DIY furniture Plans to Build a Raised Planter Table – this baby is perfect for you patio dwellers, those of you who want to grow an undisturbed herb garden or just to add some pretty to your outdoor living space in a vertical way! 3 // Our Reef Collection is Uber popular with today’s roundup including both the Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Crate and Barrel Inspired Reef Sofa and Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Crate and Barrel Inspired Reef Chair. Of course there are matching tables to go with the set if you wish to build the collection… we have the End Table and the Coffee Table too! Along with the corner and armless units for building a sectional sofa. Of course we can’t forget about the ever popular sofa and chair that have been modified for less expensive cushions. 4 // If you are in need of a little R+R resort style, our Free DIY Plans to Build a Chesapeake Single Chaise Lounge and Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Chesapeake Double Lounger might be precisely the build for you! 5 // Our Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Provence Rectangular Dining Table is a fun and popular alternative look since for once the table slats run opposite of the standard direction you think they should, and frankly it’s pretty awesome-sauce!

Top 20 DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans 6 Through 10

Oh yes my sweet, sweet friends and partners in building who love to make some sawdust fly… it just keeps on getting better, doesn’t it? I will have to do a follow up to this article for the next most popular DIY Outdoor furniture projects because quite honestly it was such a close call that this could have easily been called the Top 20 (or 30) and could have gone on for days.

1 // This first beauty is our most popular build to date I believe and quite a stunner. The Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Provence Beam Dining with 4×4’s is such a budget friendly version of the inspiration piece that it’s quite frankly a bit ridiculous. Of course our entire Provence Beam Dining Collection is quite popular using 2×4’s and with lengths that range from 6 feet to a whopping 10 feet so there is something for every outdoor living space to be found here. 2 // The Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build an A-Frame Plant Stand is a quick and relatively easy build and a great place to display or grow your potted plants both indoors or out. Did I mention budget friendly? Extremely. 3 // The Chesapeake Dining and Banquettes is a fan fave for entertaining outdoors around the dinner table and I can see why. The Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Chesapeake 60 Inch Dining Table works well with both the Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Chesapeake 38 Inch Banquette and the 48 Inch Banquette as well. So take your pick… and maybe throw in a corner unit and wrap the edge of the table in cushiony seating goodness! 4 // The Sawyer Adirondak Chair and Sawyer Adirondak Ottoman are a great set of plans to build and then enjoy on your front porch or patio. A little bit rustic and a little bit modern, they certainly walk the line between the two! 5 // The Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Chesapeake Corner Unit and Armless Unit that make up the Sectional Sofa are insanely popular, and by golly I get it! How lush it makes your outdoor living space! I will be modifying these plans specifically in the next few days to allow for less expensive cushions so stay tuned for that!

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